Hi. I'm Jaime Canovas.

I'm a full-stack web developer.

About me

I'm a self-taught web developer from Zaragoza, Spain. I love to create interactive websites and web applications. I am also very interested in learning new front and back technologies.

Some of my hobbies are play video games, listen and learn about music, watch cool movies, make illustrations, do exercise and meet new people.


No SQL (MongoDB)


My designs are fully responsive, they will work on big and small devices.


I love to make interactive designs and dynamic web pages.

Easy to Use

Strong preference for clean and beautiful designs and easy to use, intuitive user interfaces.

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My work


Games Paradise

Video games database website

Video game database website built in nodejs and using the IGDB API.

Here you have a lot of relevant information about every game. You can search games by name, platform, genre, best games, the release date of the game, etc. And also you can sort them according to several options like name, release date, popularity, relevance and rating. Each game has a page with several sections full of information. There is also a platforms section.

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Toshikoshi Japanese Restaurant

Japanese restaurant built in html, css, javascript and nodejs with a mongoDB database.

This is a japanese restaurant landing page and also an ecommerce site. You can make an order, book a table and register an account. The site is not complete yet. The admin page and some other functionalities will be added soon. The website also will be responsive very soon.

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Expenses Tracker App

Expenses tracker app built in node.js

This project is an expenses tracker app built in node.js. You can add new transactions with a concept and it will be saved in a mongoDB database. You can also delete any of the storaged transactions.

In the main page you can see the last five transactions. To see more transactions you have to search the month when you introduced them. In the main page there are also the balance of the current month and a balance of all transactions. When you enter a month to search some transactions, it shows the balance of that month. The balance is updated everytime you add or delete a transaction.

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To Do List App

To Do List app built in node.js

This project is a "to do list" app built in Node.js. You can add new tasks and lists and it will be saved in a mongoDB database. You can also delete any of the tasks and lists.

It is intuitive and easy to use. There is a "featured" section in the menu where you can add any list. There are other options in the menu: you can toggle between dark and light mode, change the font size and there is also a small contact section.

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Design Portfolio

My own design portfolio

My own design and retouching portfolio. It's a front-end project built mainly in html and css. In the nav-bar you can see all the different design sections.

The site has a minimalist aesthetic and an intuitive structure. The contact form is managed by Formspark.

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Memory Game

Memory cards game

Memory cards game built in node.js and mongoDB.

The goal is to guess all the pairs of cards in the shortest possible time. You have to turn over any two cards. If the two cards do not match, those cards are turned face down again. The app is not fully responisve.

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Trivia contest!

Simple trivia app built in Node.js that let users to play trivia.

20 questions with multiple answers, many categories to choose from and a score database with all user scores.

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pick shipping time exercise

Node.js, javascript and mongoDB exercise

A Node.js, javascript and mongoDB exercise.

A list with different time slots in 30-minute intervals that starts at 8am and ends at 8pm. There are 8 motorcyclists every 30 min. When someone clicks on one of these boxes, they take a motorcyclist resource, that is, a counter that starts at 8 and then goes down to 7, and the box becomes green. If the user click in the same box, he release the motorcyclist resource. If other users have taken all the motorcyclists, the box should appear in red and it should not let anyone takes that time.

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Share your secrets anonymously!

A simple website built in Node.js where you can share your secrets or anything anonymously. Everything is stored in a mongoDB database.

First, you need to register with google, facebook or by email, and then you can see all the secrets that everyone has written. Of course, you can also write your own secrets!

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Personal Blog

Blog project built in Node.js

This is project of a simple blog built in Node.js. In /compose you can write a post with a title and a body.

Minimalistic and intuitive structure.

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Music Web Player

Javascript music player

Beautiful and simple javascript music web player with a small playlist of 5 songs.

Change the volume, the song and enjoy the spinning thumbnail.

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